Room Change Notice for Residence Maintenance and Repairs

2017-12-14 11:41
To offer residents better environment, there will be some maintenance and repair works of rooms during 2017 winter vacation. Please be aware to change your rooms referring following information. (if applicable)

1. Work period and rooms to be repaired
  January 8 ~ 18, 2018 January 23 ~ February 2, 2018 Total
Male 4th and 6th floor 7th and 8th floor 92 Rooms
Female 4th and 8th floor 7th and 9th floor 99 Rooms
Total 91 rooms 100 Rooms 191 Rooms
2. Schedule   - Male
① Residents in 4th and 6th floor: December 26 ~ 28, 2017
② Residents in 7th and 8th floor: January 19 ~ 22, 2018

- Female
① Residents in 4th and 8th floor: December 26 ~ 28, 2017
② Residents in 7th and 9th floor: January 19 ~ 22, 2018

3. More Details: Please visit the homepage of Namsan Residence Hall to know
whether you are applicable or not (

4. Etc
A. Room Change Process
① Receive your new room key and a checklist for move-in/out
② Have a room check-up for your current room with RA and get
confirmed to move-out
③ Move in to your new room and complete room condition checklist
④ Return your old room key and the checklist
B. If you are not available to change your room during the period scheduled
above, please keep your belongings in the gym(before your move in period*)
You are still required to submit move-out checklist to the office of
residence hall.

2017. 12. 13
Dean, Office of Namsan Residence Hall

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